#Video – Jen Atkin’s OUAI “Magic Eraser” Hair Foam Just Took Over All Other Dry Shampoo Cans

Kim Kardashian’s celebrated hairstylist and good friend is back with a fresh addition to her OUAI Hair Care Range. And it seems that this time, she is set on improving the traditional dry shampoo, trading in powder ingredients with some super smooth foam.


The OUAI Dry Shampoo Foam, is supposedly the “Magic Eraser” for hair, that enables styling without shampoo, or use of traditional hair products. Initial users of the product claim that the foam is great smelling, and becomes more effective with increased massaging into the hairs, absorbing the natural oils present, and impurities as well. The big difference from your regular hair products is essentially the lack of powder residue, a huge win from earlier offerings.

The product is winning supreme accolades for maintaining volume in unwashed hair, for upto 3 days, and putting out some terrific fragrance.

Watch Atkin demonstrate the use of the OUAI Foam in the video below –


While the product remains a tad difficult to get a hold off in India (we even tried amazon.com for a delivery to India, without much success, but the product is available for online purchase over the Sephora website, priced at USD 28.00 + shipping + taxes). In case you are among the lucky ones to have been able to grab a bottle, drop in a line about your experience.


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