Wire Nails Just Became THE Nail Trend of 2017

In case you were evaluating giving those nails a makeover, try wrapping small wires around them in complex, intricate designs frames. For inspiration, just peek inside the Instagram handle of Unistella Salon, Seol, Korea.

Created by the salon’s founder, Eun Kyung Park, the nail trend involves utilizing small wire pieces bent at angles to create patterns over nail paint (clear, colored, as per preference).  Inspired by the use of wires in making neon signs (they are bent to create wordings, patterns to be lit for such signs). Park is widely known in the beauty circuit for her innovating nail art work that includes gemstones, diamond nails, and glass nails. She recently showed off some her recent work over Instagram, even as fans quickly took to emulate the trend over their own nails.

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💅🏻💅🏻 #cuticlecuff ❤

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Park uses tweezers (not unlike the way embellishments are layered over nail paint) to bend the wires, and line them over a coat of clear nail paint (she even adds a bit of color to alternate the design patterns at times), and finishes off with a final coat, hardened under UV light (a process used to create acrylic layers over the original nail). In a recent interview with Marie Claire, Park advises users to exercise caution around the ends of the wires, as they can get caught in the clothing, with regular hand movements.


Image Source: Instagram/Nail_Unistella





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