#Review – The Body Shop Hand Cream, British Rose & Moringa


Oh! The soft hand cream.

Gentle in its fragrant feel.

Like a lover’s touch.


As a freshly turned 30-year-old, I have been spending most of the new year in the shoes of a hassled, hardworking co-founder of a fledgling beauty-via-tech startup, furiously going over website content and layout settings, reviewing social media campaigns to usher in a brand new SKIA look, constantly interacting with friends, family, and old colleagues that have graciously consented to provide their valuable feedback. It was during one such conversation with a close friend, who had kindly agreed to discuss her comments and suggestions, I realized that the Body Shop outlets had opened their gates to customers, announcing a tempting end-of-season sale. Making a mental note right then, to go over to the nearest store, at the first opportunity, I had the privilege to swing by (finally) on the last day of the sale, one among the several girls that whiffed around the various categories, inside the (very) compact Body Shop store, situated in the Galleria Market, DLF Phase IV, Galleria.

The sale directives (to my extreme misfortune) were particularly misleading, as the extent of discount received was only proportional, to the number of the products purchased (For instance, the shop offered a 15% discount on 3 products, and upped it by another 5% in cased you purchased a 4th product). Therefore, despite the persistence of the sales staff (quick to point our absolute discounts, but conveniently forgetting to mention the significant differential bill amounts), I only picked up two of my most favorite Body Shop products, albeit from a less popular category – Hand & Nail Creams, the British Rose & Moringa variants.

While both the bottles have emerged as undisputed leaders in the category of top hand creams, I am compelled to kickstart our reviews section (on SKIA), with these super companions to the practical girl, who cannot find the luxury (or the patience) to avoid quick kitchen chores or on-the-spot monkey bar climbing contests. I have divided the review between the two individual products, as they both have distinct flavors, ingredients and may appeal to different tastes (even though, I personally use them interchangeably).




Name (Variant, if applicable): British Rose Hand Cream, Not applicable 
Category: Hand & Nail Cream 
Price: INR 375 /- 
Size: 30 Ml 
Brand: The Body Shop

What I Loved About the Product

As signaled by its name, the British Rose hand cream carries a distinct, yet subtle Rose fragrance, in alignment with the traditional British temperament. It smells great post application, and isn’t too strong, to clash with your usual perfume fragrances. In addition to the fragrance, the cream’s texture is extremely light, perfect for the Indian weather (it may appear a tad weak during the Delhi winters requiring frequent reapplication, but the texture is a welcome respite during the spring, summer seasons).

What are the main ingredients?

The product has some great ingredients such as Brazil Nut Oil (officially known as the Bertholettia Excelsa Seed Oil) and Shea Butter, both rich, creamy products to repair dry skin. (Brazil Nut Oil has the highest Selenium content among almonds, a substance good for maintaining a healthy immune system). The cream also contains Citronellol, found typically in aftershaves, body lotions as a fragrance ingredient (smells a little citrus, grasslike).


What I Didn’t Like So Much

While the product serves most of my requirements successfully, I did have to apply the cream a few times extra, as it seems to dry up quicker during cold weather. I first applied during the cream post shower at 8.30 AM, and had to reapply again at around 10.00 AM, and consequently post washing my hands after lunch (which was roughly at about 1.30 PM).

What were the Results Like?

As with most hand creams, the results were the best within the first hour of application, where the hands smelled great, felt very soft and sufficiently moisturized. The fragrance easily lasts for the next 2-3 hours (a little less, if you wash your hands in between), but the moisturizing impact does leave a little earlier.

Value for Money?

As with most Body Shop products, the little bottle is a bit expensive, especially if you do not benefit at all from the (disguised) sale, which prompted you to visit the store in the first place. The product is available online at slightly discounted rates on Amazon (INR 750 for 100 ml). Overall, however, the product still emerges as value for money, given its effective, fragrant effect.



Name (Variant, if applicable): Moringa Hand Cream, Not applicable 
Category: Hand & Nail Cream 
Price: INR 375 /- 
Size: 30 Ml 
Brand: The Body Shop

What I Loved About the Product

Unlike British Rose, the Moringa tube is definitely more flamboyant, in its strong fragrance of Moringa Oliefera flowers, combined, with a creamier texture, consequently great for dry skin usage. The cream has a strong fragrance and is thicker, thereby more preferable for use during the extreme winter days. I personally, preferred the Moringa tube during the winter days than the British Rose, as my hands (and feet) tend to dry up more during the dry seasons. (Note: In case you are among, who have moist hands or sweat more, then you could find the product a bit oily even for winters, and therefore, the use of the British Rose cream is recommended).

What are the main ingredients?

The Moringa Oliefera flowers (they are cream colored flowers with yellow stamens) are among the key ingredients of the cream and possess many medicinal and nutritional benefits. The Moringa plant itself has been historically used (and continues to be used) in Ayurveda, as it contains amino acids, vitamins and minerals, that support a healthy diet significantly. (The consumption of Moringa flowers interestingly, help towards strengthening of the liver, and also protect tissue damage from allopathic medication). The flowers have strong antibiotic agents, that help tissue recovery, when taken topically (for instance, applied as hand cream over the body) or consumed. Along with containing the seed oil from the Moringa Olifeira flowers, this tube also contains Sweet Almond Oil and Soybean Oil, both high in mineral contents, great for the skin, and antioxidant properties owing to high levels of Vitamin E.


What I Didn’t Like So Much

While its great to have some extra moisture (such as the various oils) during winter, the Moringa cream can potentially make hands too moist during the hot summer days. (which essentially means, restricting usage during winters, not a great solution in case you are looking at something to last you through the year).

What were the Results Like?

As the cream is heavy on moisture, its takes a 1-2 additional minutes to be fully absorbed by the skin, and at times, you may get the irresistible urge to simply wipe the additional oil away from your hands. But if you manage to resist, the moisturize doesn’t really take too long to get absorbed. The moisturizing effect lasts definitely longer than British Rose, which means the product doesn’t really need frequent application.


Value for Money?

Once again, definitely expensive if you have to buy full price. Unfortunately, the cream seemed to have been out of stock over most websites, including Amazon, Flipkart, and Nykaa, as this review was being written.

While individual preferences over fragrance and lightness of the creams, may divide opinions between the two products, I strongly recommend the use of either British Rose or Moringa, to keep your hands healthy, and moisturized, on a regular basis.


We would love to hear about products that you want us to review, thoughts, and if the above review helped you in any way. Please drop your comments below.

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