#Review – 3 Face Wash Tubes that Love Your Skin for Under INR 100


Face Wash in your bag.

Clean out heartaches and despair.

With the morning scrub.



Have you noticed how in the world of beautifully designed makeup palettes, and Luxury Ayurveda products, our most faithful companions waiting loyally atop our bathroom shelves, receive the least of our attention? Most of our bottles of face wash typically get about 30 – 70 seconds of decision-making time, immensely influenced by the shape of the tube/bottle, and accessibility at the department store. Ironic, considering this is the first beauty regime, undertaken by most people at the start of their day (sometimes, it could be the only product one would use over their skin, before rushing out to meet work deadlines over the next 12-14 hours). And while popular opinion may persuade one to pay greater attention to the more expensive options, I find that there are plenty of choices that can ensure healthy, effective cleaning of the face, without the unnecessary, price pressures.

Your neighborhood department store, or preferred grocery mobile application will throw at least 10-15 face wash options, that are economic and possess colorful packaging, promising magnificent results in just a single wash. But it is best to avoid randomizing your preferred choices, focussing instead of the top 3-4 options, that get the basic properties in the right fashion, and avoid unnecessary harshness, that is thought to accompany most low priced face products. In an attempt to save some of your time, I have drawn out my experience with 3 such face wash tubes, counted among the most popular choices of face wash products, that are competitive, both effect and price wise.


  1. Himalaya Purifying Neem Wash | INR 60/- for 50 ml
  2. Lakme Blush & Glow Face Wash Gel with Peach Extracts | INR 99/- for 50 grams
  3. Clean & Clear Foaming Face Wash | INR 110/- for 100 ml

Himalaya Purifying Neem Wash


What I Loved About the Product

  • Contains Neem tree extracts, known for remedial, cleaning properties
  • Doesn’t need to be used in large quantities to create the required lather
  • Extremely gentle on the skin, making it especially great for people with sensitive skin

Himalaya products are known for their affiliation to bring out the best of natural remedial recipes, that are great for the skin, and extremely gentle. The gel doesn’t lather too much, during the wash, and maintains medium texture even when mixed with water. It’s somewhat firm texture, enables one to spend more time massaging the face, and isn’t too runny during the application. The wash ultimately leaves you with this refreshing, natural feeling, almost making it necessary to moisturize thereafter (I strongly advice applying a face cream of your choice nonetheless).

What I Didn’t Like So Much

  • (As expected), the fragrance isn’t too welcoming, and just about okay

I personally have a huge affinity for individual fragrances (something I am certain is critical to many others as well), hence the fragrance of the face wash may be slightly disappointing to some. But apart from that, really, there isn’t too much to complain about. One thing that users should keep in consideration, is that the face wash doesn’t lather too much (obvious, owing to its natural ingredients), but important to remember, especially if you are one of those that enjoys greater foam during the wash.

What were the Results Like?


  • Extremely Refreshing
  • Soft on the Skin, Not Harsh
  • Adequately moisturized, uncommon with the use of standard face wash

The face wash is great for daily usage, as it refreshed without being too harsh on the skin. The tube, however, does not include any extracts (that otherwise can act as an exfoliant, mild scrub).

Lakme Blush & Glow


What I Loved About the Product

  • Fantastic fragrance, refreshing 
  • Gel based texture, with the tiny beads, great for exfoliation

The Lakme face wash is simply put, fun! Smells great, and is infused with tiny (peach extract) beads that have antioxidant properties, giving you a mild exfoliation during the wash itself (works really well for someone like me, who frankly finds it a pain to scrub, exfoliate and wash, all separately). When compared to the Himalaya wash, the Lakme wash is bright, full of life, and appears a whole lot younger (thank you – the highly paid marketing teams at HUL).

What I Didn’t Like So Much

  • The Face Wash dries the skin out a bit more post wash, when compared to the Himalaya counterpart

While the Blush & Glow variant is fun, and does clean very well, it appears a bit dry when compared the other two choices. I immediately felt the need to reach out for a face cream, moments after washing my face, which hadn’t been the case, while using Himalaya.

What were the Results Like?


  • Refreshing sensation over the skin
  • The tiny beads enable a smooth (mild) exfoliation
  • My skin smelled great!
  • Skin felt dry post the wash

The face wash cleans very well and ensures a simultaneous exfoliation, which saves a lot of time. I only wish the product was slightly more moisture-friendly so that you wouldn’t have to run to apply a face cream, immediately after use.

Clean&Clear Foaming Face Wash


What I Loved About the Product?

  • Lathers very well during the wash
  • Extremely light in texture

Truth be told, I prefer the newer variant of the face wash, that includes tiny (fruit-like) extracts, that help exfoliate (similar to the Lakme face wash), but this one works just as well, from a cleaning perspective. It has a light (almost runny) texture, and hence, foams really fast when mixed with water.

What I didn’t Like So Much

  • The texture was a bit too runny for my liking
  • Doesn’t have any beads/extracts to enable exfoliation

While many would gleam over the quick lathering, my mental understanding of non-lathering products ensure a more natural ingredients base, and consequently, both Lakme & Himalaya score over Clean&Clear in that department.

What were the Results Like?


The face wash cleans effectively, but is more or less similar to Lakme, in its moisturizing capabilities. 


With so many products lining the department store shelves, cleansing has today attained paramount importance in the skin care regime. Surprisingly though, most experts agree that a simple, gentle rub with some soap and water (or sometimes just water) is more than sufficient to clean your face, and the obsession with the perfect face wash is frankly, quite unwarranted. The only reason why it is suggested to keep a face wash handy, for regular use, is because it is definitely more gentle (more so, in case of sensitive skin, where users may feel that their skin reacts to almost everything around), and helps remove external matter such as left over makeup in an easier way, taking out any excess oil as well.

Seems like a good idea, after all, to stick to your regular, drugstore products, for your face cleaning rituals. Can’t complain, given some of the great choices available.  


We would love to hear about your experience with any of the mentioned products, and if you have other suggestions that could be added to our list.


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