#Review – 2 Face Creams that will make you visit the Supermarket



Face cream on table.

Already sparkling away.

Still searching for smiles.

One of my fondest memories of childhood, involved the blue color Nivea face cream tub. Back in the ‘80s, when India was still opening up to the luxury product offerings from the West, the little blue tin container was iconic in its presence, on the sun mica clad dressing table. My personal face cream memories (cold creams to be precise because I didn’t know if there were creams of any other kind) started from just here. At 6.30 AM on cold, Delhi winter school days, my mother would apply copious amounts to my face, comb my hair (ensuring a sleek, flat head parting that drew covetous looks on the school bus, mind you) and plant a really wet kiss on my forehead, before walking me to the bus stop – for a day full of long division and fun flips.


Pic Courtesy by Pinterest/Nivea

Armed with just about 2.5 choices of face creams, and fierce recommendations from my mother, selecting the top choice for my face was literally a piece of cake, or for that matter, a sumptuous bite of Jalebi. Fast forward to 2017, when the entry to the nearby Health’n’Glow outlet, warrants half a dozen female helpers/beauty experts (armed to belt out inaccurate makeup advice), luring you to pick up one face cream, from about 20 brands, in all shapes and sizes. To make matter worse, my personal favourite Nivea, now appears on the shelves in a supremely ugly, white colored plastic container, in complete contradiction to the memories it stood for. If anyone has had the courage to defile relationships with the original blue tin can, and actually, use the cream, I would love to hear about how good or bad, the cream turned out eventually.

So, under the burden of my individual quirks, and struggles, I have picked out two, highly recommended choices of face creams, that are available easily in regular supermarkets and chemists as well. I use these typically, for regular use during the day. Some people may want the pick up other choices for the night (because of extra moisturizing requirements, etc), however the day creams have been working fine for my night time application as well.

Olay Face Cream  – Moisturizing Cream | INR 235 | 50 grams


What I Love About the Product

  • Light Texture, which works for both the extreme winter & summer days
  • Soft (almost floral), very pleasing fragrance
  • Great for daily use, to moisturize the face

The first things that really drew me to the cream, was its meringue-ish light texture, in soft pink. It is tough to identify a cream that works during both the extreme seasons in Delhi, and somehow, this one seems to have cracked that formula. The cream has a soft, floral fragrance, which stays on for pretty much the entire day. The face cream, is successful in locking in moisture, something that I especially need, as I would wear 1-2 layers of makeup (foundation/BB cream/powder, the like) over it.


What I Didn’t Like so Much

  • Can’t think of any drawbacks(!)

Nothing, really! No complaints on the product, on the contrary, the Olay cream is on its way to become my preferred choice of the regular use, day cream.


How were the Results?

I used the cream for 2 days, and on both days, I applied it post shower, about 8.30 AM, and topped it with regular makeup application that included BB Cream + compact powder on top the face cream. My skin remained perfectly moisturized during the entire day, and at no point did I feel the skin becoming dry. Overall, great ability to lock in moisture (perhaps the most important thing, that I look for in a face cream).

olayfacecreamresults (1).jpg

Was it Value for Money?

The Olay container is priced at INR 235/- and contains about 50 grams. For, the tub lasts for about 45 – 60 days, depending upon the frequency of usage. But, if used once a day, the tub should easily last you for 1.5 months, which essentially means just under INR 2,000/- a year for face care. Sounds like a deal!

olayfacecream5 (1).jpg

Pond’s Age Miracle – Cell ReGEN Day Cream, SPF 15PA++ | INR 110 | 10 grams

pondsagemiracle (1).jpg

What I Love About the Product

  • The cream has SPF 15+, you can skip the sunblock once a while
  • Refreshing fragrance

One of the great things about this cream, is the inclusion of sunscreen effects. The cream has an SPF 15+, that can help you avoid application sunscreen spray, on days, when you aren’t completely out in the sun. I personally find it a huge pain, to apply sunscreen over all the other layers, and typically find my skin becoming oily with the application (thank god for sunscreen sprays).

pondsfacecream (1).jpg

What I Didn’t Like So Much

  • Texture was too thick for my liking

I found the texture to be too thick, and therefore, it made my skin slightly oily, post application. Now, for people with very dry skin, this could be great. But for someone with normal skin or combination skin, this might be a point of concern.


What were the Result Like?

  • Locked the moisture in the skin very well
  • Little too oily, post application

Similar to the Olay cream, this one also was great in locking in the moisture, but proved a tad oily post application. So I compensated by applying some extra powder, to soak in the oils.


Was it Value for Money?

Not very happy with the quantity versus price aspect here. In INR 110/- you only get 10 grams, which seems to me, quite unfair.

We would love to hear from you on your experiences, best picks, favorite products. Drop us a line in the comments section below.


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