The Curse of the Beauty Purse


I remember sitting at the college cafeteria (many years ago), sipping on some mediocre iced tea, listening unwillingly to equally mediocre prophecies of a classmate, lending accreditation to his “simple” formula to unravel women and their secrets.

“The volume of women’s emotional baggage is directly proportional to the size of her handbag. Pretty basic.”

I almost choked and spluttered on the iced tea in my hand, even as he passed around a superior gloat around the table. Unable to hide his triumph.

Almost a decade later, he is frequently visible on my Facebook feed, at times alone at the movies (over a popcorn bucket selfie), or on other occasions, with his laughing, happy married friends (rings, puckered lips, et all). You know, over one of those shots, where the only single member of the group, gets hugged by everyone else, to avoid awkward meltdowns, and well, even tears, at times. Triumphant, still?

Needless to say, my classmate had got it totally wrong back in college.

While the core philosophy of his college ideas may have exploded on his face, he was right in the bag obsession bit. In similar fashion to most women around me, handbags form an integral component of my wardrobe. I have always loved, the variety of objects that get thrown inside those bag sleeves, and how much of insight it creates about the individual themselves.

A power packed lists of compact wellness enablers sprout inside any handbag, that rests upon the hands of a woman. These could be as basic as peppermint, or as profound as the under-eye blemish tube for a cocktail emergency (read runny mascara and smudge).

Here is what came out of my bag, that I had carried for a Sunday afternoon scene with friends, over beer and movies.


Compact Powder | MAC Studio Fix

Face powder, that is great for a quick powder and touch up routine (I use the the NC 40 color shade, from MAC Studio Fix)

BB Cream | Lakme CC Cream (Bronze)

This one was actually a last minute addition while stepping out of the house, just in case we had plans for the evening (BB / CC Creams are great for easy makeup refreshers)


Hand Cream | Moringa Body Shop

Need to have a cream during winters (I generally don’t require this during the summers, because it is HOT in Delhi, and extra moisturizing doesn’t really help).

Lip Gloss | MAC Dazzle Glass

I love putting a line of gloss, over the lipstick, especially for evening plans (not just adds the sparkle, but protects lip color as well). 


Eye Liner | Maybelline Hyper Sharp Line

The only eye makeup I wear regularly is eyeliner on my upper lid (I gave up kajal completely almost 5 years back because the smudges weren’t doing much to hide regular dark circles!)

Perfume | Victoria Secret Bombshell

Because you just cannot afford BODY ODOR.


Lip Balm | CARMEX

Needless to describe the importance of a good lip balm, chapstick

Lipstick | Christian Dior

The right lipstick can do wonders to a plain outfit, and hence merits top position inside your bag (I keep a cherry red color, that works well for both afternoons and evenings)

Hair Brush

Always, remember the hairbrush!


And my remaining 3 most precious items – the KINDLE, Metro Card and Cash (the nightmare of withdrawals amidst fast depleting ATMs!)

Tell us what is in your bag today. Join the SKIA Facebook Community and catch conversations on the favorite (and even most hated) beauty products, the latest trends, and top rated beauty businesses around. Share your love for beauty with us.


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