The Curse of the Beauty Purse


I remember sitting at the college cafeteria (many years ago), sipping on some mediocre iced tea, listening unwillingly to equally mediocre prophecies of a classmate, lending accreditation to his “simple” formula to unravel women and their secrets.

“The volume of women’s emotional baggage is directly proportional to the size of her handbag. Pretty basic.”

I almost choked and spluttered on the iced tea in my hand, even as he passed around a superior gloat around the table. Unable to hide his triumph.

Almost a decade later, he is frequently visible on my Facebook feed, at times alone at the movies (over a popcorn bucket selfie), or on other occasions, with his laughing, happy married friends (rings, puckered lips, et all). You know, over one of those shots, where the only single member of the group, gets hugged by everyone else, to avoid awkward meltdowns, and well, even tears, at times. Triumphant, still?

Needless to say, my classmate had got it totally wrong back in college.

While the core philosophy of his college ideas may have exploded on his face, he was right in the bag obsession bit. In similar fashion to most women around me, handbags form an integral component of my wardrobe. I have always loved, the variety of objects that get thrown inside those bag sleeves, and how much of insight it creates about the individual themselves.

A power packed lists of compact wellness enablers sprout inside any handbag, that rests upon the hands of a woman. These could be as basic as peppermint, or as profound as the under-eye blemish tube for a cocktail emergency (read runny mascara and smudge).

Here is what came out of my bag, that I had carried for a Sunday afternoon scene with friends, over beer and movies.


Compact Powder | MAC Studio Fix

Face powder, that is great for a quick powder and touch up routine (I use the the NC 40 color shade, from MAC Studio Fix)

BB Cream | Lakme CC Cream (Bronze)

This one was actually a last minute addition while stepping out of the house, just in case we had plans for the evening (BB / CC Creams are great for easy makeup refreshers)


Hand Cream | Moringa Body Shop

Need to have a cream during winters (I generally don’t require this during the summers, because it is HOT in Delhi, and extra moisturizing doesn’t really help).

Lip Gloss | MAC Dazzle Glass

I love putting a line of gloss, over the lipstick, especially for evening plans (not just adds the sparkle, but protects lip color as well). 


Eye Liner | Maybelline Hyper Sharp Line

The only eye makeup I wear regularly is eyeliner on my upper lid (I gave up kajal completely almost 5 years back because the smudges weren’t doing much to hide regular dark circles!)

Perfume | Victoria Secret Bombshell

Because you just cannot afford BODY ODOR.


Lip Balm | CARMEX

Needless to describe the importance of a good lip balm, chapstick

Lipstick | Christian Dior

The right lipstick can do wonders to a plain outfit, and hence merits top position inside your bag (I keep a cherry red color, that works well for both afternoons and evenings)

Hair Brush

Always, remember the hairbrush!


And my remaining 3 most precious items – the KINDLE, Metro Card and Cash (the nightmare of withdrawals amidst fast depleting ATMs!)

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These Eye Makeup Looks Inspired by Famous Paintings are Beyond Incredible

Vincent Van Gogh’s “Starry Nights” has found a new canvas.

Over the past few years, Instagram has emerged as the biggest, most preferred platform to discover the best among makeup artists, and helped audiences in witnessing some of their best works on cyber-display. And Stefania Atupe is Instagram’s latest eye makeup sensation, putting out one after other, incredible eye looks, inspired by her favorite painter – Van Gogh.

In a recent interview with the popular online publication, Mashable the talented London based makeup artist, discussed her inspiration to emulate paintings in her makeups, after receiving a comment on Twitter. The user had praised Atupe’s eye makeup works, featuring Zebra and Peacock prints, encouraging her to experiment with famous paintings. Van Gogh’s paintings have always been a favorite with Atupe, and Starry Nights was a natural choice to start her experimentation. She spent over an hour, using eye colors to accurately depict the assortment of colors, as reflected in the digital reproduction of the original art work.

Starry Nights Eye Makeup


Inspired by



Pic Courtesy: Starry Nights by Vincent Van Gogh/Huffington Post

The Almond Blossom Eyelid


Inspired by Van Gogh’s Almond Blossom



Pic Courtesy: Almond Blossom by Vincent Van Gogh/Van Gogh Museum


Carrying the wave on her lids


Inspired from artist Katsushika Hokusai’s Under the Wave Off Kanagawa (Also known as the Great Wave)



Pic Courtesy: The Great Wave by Katsushika Hokusai/The Metropolitan Museum of Art


Effortless Creating picturesque lilies


Emulating the colors of the Impressionist movement founder, Claude Monet’s Water Lilies


Pic Courtesy: Water Lilies by Claude Monet/Wikiart


Atupe’s just released, more relaxed emulation of Van Gogh’s “Ireses”


Pic Courtesy: Irises by Vincent Van Gogh/Wikiart

We really hope she throws a Dali at us, next.

Header Pic Courtesy by Pinterest/



#Video – Reverse Smokey Eyes: The Trend which is Ruling the Red Carpet

While the trend had already hit Instagram a couple of months ago, courtesy mega style icon Kim Kardashian, the reverse smokey eye trend slayed the red carpet more recently, courtesy Bollywood superstar Deepika Padukone, at the LA premiere of the actor’s latest release, xXx: The Xander Cage.

The reverse smokey eyes, simply put, leverages the area under the eyes, to smudge eyeshadow over a smooth coat of eyeliner. Deepika’s reverse smokey eyes (created by internationally acclaimed makeup artists Hung Vanngo), included a dash of red to compliment her outfit color.

Here is the product breakdown for all @deepikapadukone's fans who commented or DM me regards her makeup for the @xxxmovie premiere in LA few days ago 😛 Skin Prep: #CobertMD Nourish Eye Cream @colbert_md #ColbertMD Illumino face oil @colbert_md Complexion: #Nars Sheer Glow in Barcelona @narsissist #Nars Soft Matte Complete Concealer in "Ginger" @narsissist #Dior Forever & Ever Control Loose Powder @diormakeup Cheeks: #CharlotteTilbury 'Cheek to Chic' Swish & Pop Blush in "Love Is The Drug" @ctilburymakeup #CharlotteTilbury Filmstar Bronze & Glow in Light to Medium @ctilburymakeup #Chanel Soleil Tan De Chanel Cream Bronzer @chanelofficial Brows: #AnastasiaBeverlyHills Brow Wiz in Dark Brown & Caramel , Clear Brow Gel @anastasiabeverlyhills Eyes: #MarcJacobs Matte Highliner Gel Pencil in "Fine(Wine)", Matte Highliner Gel Pencil in (Pop)ular and Twinkle Pop Stick Eyeshadow in "Leila" @marcbeauty #MarcJacobs Velvet Noir Major Volume Mascara @marcbeauty ( Note: the matte highliner gel pencils are not coming out until February) Lips: #MacCosmetics Lipliner in Spice @maccosmetics #AnastasiaBeverlyHills Lip Gloss in Kristen @anastasiabeverlyhills

A post shared by Hung Vanngo (@hungvanngo) on

Even though the look involves similar principles as the standard smokey eye makeup, applied to the lower eyelid instead of the upper lid, there may be a few tricky aspects, especially as the heavy makeup may make the face appear darker (overall), unless smudged to perfection.

We have picked out a quick Nikkie Tutorial to take you through the process, that creates a perfectly blended smokey eye look, without complicating it too much.

Pic Courtesy: SheLookBook, Instagram/HungVanngo | Video: Youtube/NikkieTutorials

Wire Nails Just Became THE Nail Trend of 2017

In case you were evaluating giving those nails a makeover, try wrapping small wires around them in complex, intricate designs frames. For inspiration, just peek inside the Instagram handle of Unistella Salon, Seol, Korea.

Created by the salon’s founder, Eun Kyung Park, the nail trend involves utilizing small wire pieces bent at angles to create patterns over nail paint (clear, colored, as per preference).  Inspired by the use of wires in making neon signs (they are bent to create wordings, patterns to be lit for such signs). Park is widely known in the beauty circuit for her innovating nail art work that includes gemstones, diamond nails, and glass nails. She recently showed off some her recent work over Instagram, even as fans quickly took to emulate the trend over their own nails.

😘#wireworknail #unistella #wireworknail #wirenail

A post shared by Park Eunkyung (@nail_unistella) on



💅🏻💅🏻 #cuticlecuff ❤

A post shared by Park Eunkyung (@nail_unistella) on

Park uses tweezers (not unlike the way embellishments are layered over nail paint) to bend the wires, and line them over a coat of clear nail paint (she even adds a bit of color to alternate the design patterns at times), and finishes off with a final coat, hardened under UV light (a process used to create acrylic layers over the original nail). In a recent interview with Marie Claire, Park advises users to exercise caution around the ends of the wires, as they can get caught in the clothing, with regular hand movements.


Image Source: Instagram/Nail_Unistella




#Video – Jen Atkin’s OUAI “Magic Eraser” Hair Foam Just Took Over All Other Dry Shampoo Cans

Kim Kardashian’s celebrated hairstylist and good friend is back with a fresh addition to her OUAI Hair Care Range. And it seems that this time, she is set on improving the traditional dry shampoo, trading in powder ingredients with some super smooth foam.


The OUAI Dry Shampoo Foam, is supposedly the “Magic Eraser” for hair, that enables styling without shampoo, or use of traditional hair products. Initial users of the product claim that the foam is great smelling, and becomes more effective with increased massaging into the hairs, absorbing the natural oils present, and impurities as well. The big difference from your regular hair products is essentially the lack of powder residue, a huge win from earlier offerings.

The product is winning supreme accolades for maintaining volume in unwashed hair, for upto 3 days, and putting out some terrific fragrance.

Watch Atkin demonstrate the use of the OUAI Foam in the video below –


While the product remains a tad difficult to get a hold off in India (we even tried for a delivery to India, without much success, but the product is available for online purchase over the Sephora website, priced at USD 28.00 + shipping + taxes). In case you are among the lucky ones to have been able to grab a bottle, drop in a line about your experience.

Bella Hadid Drops the Bomb with Nude Makeup & A Slinky Swarovski One Piece, at the Alexander Vauthier Paris Fashion Week

2017 Spring just got a whole lot more Glitter.

Supermodel Bella Hadid sparkled in silver over the French Runway and stunned audiences, as the show stopper for Alexander Vauthier Spring Summer collection 2017. Her sheer off-shoulder dress was created using Swavorski crystals, created to celebrate the anniversary of a successful partnership between the celebrated Fashion Designer and the iconic jewelry house. The look was accompanied with minimalist, nude makeup, and matte lip color, to highlight the sparkling dress. Unlike her sleekly pressed pulled back hair, observed at the Chanel Couture show earlier, the super model left her waves falling naturally, as she opened the Vauthier show.


The Supermodel sizzled in a halter gown, sporting red lip color, to compliment the flowing fabric of our outfit, at the Chanel Couture show earlier during the day.


While her first look remained sensuous (classic Bella Hadid fashion, case in point the Red Dress at Cannes), the second look was comparatively more conservative, in a metallic off shoulder bodysuit dress.

Bella Hadid was accompanied by supermodel (and Hadid’s best friend) Kendall Jenner, who donned a shimmery glitter body hugging one piece (not very unlike the iconic Wonder Woman outfit sans the head gear). Similar to Hadid, Jenner’s makeup remained minimal, and hair was styled simply in a classic central partition, falling naturally over the shoulder.



Supermodel Hailey Baldwin Just Took Kim Kardashain’s Vampire Facial Trend To The Next Level

Style Icon and Instagram Socialite Kim Kardashian is known to experiment with a variety of beauty treatments, that vary between removal of ‘baby’ hairs to oil treatments before workouts to burn cellulite. A few years back, she posted a picture of her, rather unique facial treatment procedure, over Instagram, unleashing a flurry of bidders, who wanted to emulate her decision to rejuvenate their skin, by using their own blood – a treatment fancily called as the Vampire Facial.


For those blessed enough to have been living in blissful oblivion to the ongoing blood-thirsty battle against aging, the Vampire Facial treatment involves extracting ones’ blood from the arm and use a centrifugal pump to separate red blood cells from the yellow platelet rich plasma (PRP). This is then pumped back into the skin to boost the growth of collagen, a substance known to enhance beauty naturally. Ultimately resulting in firmer, younger, looking skin.

Amidst warnings of surgeons, and molecular biologists, towards adverse side effects of the vampire facial treatment, American model Hailey Baldwin (her uncle is actor Alec Baldwin), has extended the principle, uncomfortably further to moisturize her own skin.

Incidentally, Baldwin happens to be the new face of the iconic fashion brand Guess. With pictures like those, one wouldn’t really understand her fierce need to moisturize her skin using her own … err.. blood.

by @rayanayash for @Guess

A post shared by Hailey Baldwin (@haileybaldwin) on


new @guess campaign is out

A post shared by Hailey Baldwin (@haileybaldwin) on


In a recent interview, Baldwin, admitted to using a range of products by Dr. Barbara Strum (her clinics are based in Dusseldorf and Munich), that extracts PRP from one’s own blood and infuses it into a lotion, to be used for moisturizing skin.


Did we just walk into Vampire Diaries, again?

#Video – How the JAMSU Makeup Trend Dunks Your Face in Water For A Natural Glow

Celebrated beauty bloggers and Youtube makeup artists these days are drawing in admirable gasps at 2016’s potentially most quirky makeup trend. And it involves achieving a dream-like glow on the face, in a rather unorthodox manner. The latest beauty trend to have caught the attention of the Internet, is the Korean technique of JAMSU, that is fetching somewhat explosive results. 

The Korean word JAMSU, essentially means submerge or dive, and the corresponding makeup trend involves just that. Started a few months ago, by a Japanese Beauty and Makeup artist on Youtube, the JAMSU trend has caught the attention of the beauty lovers over the whole of social media, for its innovative approach to create an even looking skin tone. 

Essentially, the trend involves applying face (or even talcum) powder over a layer of primer (and concealer, if required) and dipping the face for approximately 30 seconds in a bowl of cold water. Somewhat similar to the 2015 trend of “baking”, which involved allowing makeup to set over the face, via application of face powder, sans the cold water dipping (which by the way, clearly seems to be the magic trick in case of JAMSU).

The baking trend, despite its popularity had disgruntled complaints of becoming too cake like, or powdery over the face. JAMSU on the other hand, seems to be successful in solving the problem in an effectively easy manner. The cold water acts as an absorbent of the excess powder and leaves the face with a dewy, almost glittering finish.

Looks like Asia just “dipped” its way through some super smooth skin tones, this fall. Watch the video below for a better understanding of the technique –



Gay, Buddhist Monk is Wooing Hearts with Compassion & Makeup Skills Extraordinaire

26-year-old Kodo Nishimura, from Japan, could very well be your average, affable, compassionate Buddhist monk. Except when you take into consideration his celebrated makeup artist status (and extremely creative works) that have taken the world of beauty by storm, more recently. The makeup monk has been busy drawing up an impressive clientele while dividing his time between New York and Tokyo as a professional makeup artist. Nishimura has worked with the Miss Universe Pageant participants, that included the 2014 winner, Pauline Vega as well as various fashion shows, across the globe.


More recently, supermodel Nicole Whittaker posted a picture of herself over Instagram in makeup by Nishimura, drawing hoots from all over.



Chancing upon his passion for beauty while helping a close friend with her makeup, Nishimura was initially confused whether to pursue his passion in parallel to his Buddhist training. Ordinary life as a Buddhist monk, encourages a life of simplicity, sans the glamor. Nonetheless, he was encouraged by his mentor, who led him to believe, that “it isn’t wrong, if it helps deliver your message to people”.

The monk is also working with transgender women in Japan, by offering them makeup training and organizing seminars. He had discovered the desire to learn makeup rife among the LGBT Community in Japan, while he was participating in the Out in Japan campaign (that threw spotlight celebrities from the LGBT community).

It is no wonder then, that Nishimura’s Instagram is insanely jealous worthy, makeup et all.




Makeup and Fashion collaboration seminar with Miss Japan 2008 @hirokomima a huge success! 😊💕Thank you for over 30 attendees who came to see us. I appreciate all the support and interest 😭💕12月に行い、大成功した美馬寛子さんとのWCBでのコラボセミナーです。30人以上の参加者さまに参加していただき本当にありがたいです。お越し下さった皆さま、ありがとうございます。モデルさんと3人で😍@worldclass_beauty #worldclassbeautyacademy #worldclassbeautyclub #wcb #wcba #ワールドクラスビューティアカデミー #worldclass #makeup #beat #makeupartist #missuniverse #missjapan #ミスユニバース #メイク #お化粧 #メーク #コスメ #メイクアップアーティスト #ファッション #ドレス #bcbgmaxazria #bcbg #maccosmetics #三善 #美馬寛子 #maquillaje #mua #smokeyeye #lashes #slay #kodonishimura

A post shared by Kodo Nishimura (@kodomakeup) on


Pic Courtesy: Kodo Nishimura, OutinJapan

Mermaid Hair is Taking Over All Fantasy Hair Trends This Winter

Last week, Instagram Beauty Icon Nicole Guerriero surprised her 2 Million+ followers by trading in her signature brunette look with purple staccato curls, in classic Little Mermaid fashion. As if Unicorn braids, and fairy dust highlights weren’t enough, the most recent fantasy trend that is painting everyone’s hearts Purple, Blue, Green is clearly – Mermaid Hair (and no, this isn’t about the Arial style braid). Since Guerriero’s post, the hashtag #Mermaidhair seems to have popped all over social media, with long wavy hair dressed in shades of pastel, peach, and purple riding the waves, in classic Disney Mermaid style.


A post shared by N I C O L E. 🦄 (@nicoleguerriero) on


A variety of spinoffs have already sprung around Instagram, including bright colored #HipsterMermaidHair Looks, that involves dying your hair in a single bright color throughout the length (without any shading or pattern).

Just stopping by to give a little @vpfashion appreciation post-I recently re-dyed this wig & all the beautiful VPFashion extensions in it & I'm so happy with the color! The hair picked it up beautifully and it shines so much brighter now! Yay! (Plz don't mind Helevtica's bedhead here tho lol) If you guys are looking for hair extensions I still super duper recommend @vpfashion -I've been using them for years & I couldn't be happier with my mermaid hair! They dye so well & it's so soft & silky! Curls like a dream too. (FYI I usually get the DIY 613 blonde & dye it myself) If you plan on getting some anytime soon you can use my code: "tracijhines" for $10 off. I get so many Q's about this weave hehe so I'll do my best to keep you guys in the loop for all my fav not-so-secrets! 😉😉😉 (And yes, new #HipsterMermaid coming SOON!) 🙌🏻💁🏼🙆🏼 shop my huuurrrrr ➡️➡️➡️ #vpfashion #hair #hairextensions #secrets #hipstermermaid #LLFAHM #redhair #redhead #vpfashionhair #mermaidhair

A post shared by Traci Hines (@tracihines) on


Some have adapted the trend, to align themselves with Valentine Day preparations, going for classic pinks and soft curls (leaving out the traditional mermaid braid).


Combining her love for unicorn hair and mermaid color, hair stylist Pamela Payne, has experimented with a multitude of colors layered mathematically across the length of the hair, to give a vibrant, metallic finish, complete with a half braid addon.


Are we still going colorless then?

Pic Courtesy: Pinterest, hairbykaseyoh