Treat Your Hair to Keratin this 2017

Honest Confession – Despite the A-line Lob coming back in vogue this 2017, some of us still find it challenging to resist the longer, straight hair look, that continues to dominate offices, restaurants, malls and nightclubs all over. I mean can we really resist reaching out to our flat irons to create the oh-so-sexy sleek straight look paired with those favorite black dresses?

It is therefore, no wonder that the Keratin Treatment is considered the Holy Grail for hair heaven (short hair shouldn’t ignore this either). Most of us strongly believe that the process provides us just that, the forever remaining straight hair look, an obvious choice from the traditional re-bonding processes because it sounds so much healthier! Chemistry Lesson – Keratin does NOT result in straighter hair.

Keratin refers to a protein present in our hair (and skin, nails), that provides protection against damage and stress. With various chemical treatments, and products that go into our hair on daily basis, keratin in the hair gets eroded over time. Typically a Keratin treatment aims to reverse this erosion by pouring back all this protein into the hair, resulting in an increase in shine, strength on improvement in the overall health of our hair.

Why most of us assume, the straight hair piece to go along with a Keratin treatment, is not because of Keratin (which is kind of just like a marketing term) but rather the use of a chemical called Formaldehyde, which unlocks the original chemical bonds of the hair strands, allowing a shift in structure (hence, the straightness right away from the frizz world). The good salons will always ensure that Formaldehyde is used in safe amounts, but could still be a cause of allergies, especially with a sensitive scalp. Some salons may claim that the products they use are Formaldehyde free, but they technically would be anyway – because formaldehyde is a gas. The other ingredients present such as methylene, glycol, tourmaline or methanol create formaldehyde once heated or mixed in water.


The Ribbon Eyeliner, Snakelike twists on the eyeliner is driving Instagram crazy

Move over bun droppers, Instagram’s new found love is intertwined around the eyeliner. The wackiest eye makeup trend of 2016 so far, is definitely the Ribbon Eyeliner.

As suggested by the name, the look involves a colorful twist to the much loved winged eyeliner, created by drawing a ribbon like line that goes around the wing leaving a dramatic “twist” around the eyes.

The ribbon can be created with a variety of colors, and looks especially great with bright shades such as bright oranges and reds, electric blue, or even a touch a sparkle (an ode to glitter tears).

Some of looks over social media, have extended the ribbon eyeliner all the way to the eyebrows, while others start their colorful ribbons from the mid of the lower eyelid.

Daredevils among the trendsetters have sported spunkier ribbons, by using a combination of colors around the eyes. Looks like pop art just found its way into the winged eyeliner.

Pic Courtesy : Daily Hairdo

The #NoMakeup Revolution

How our favorite beauty trend of summer 2016 continues to ditch the makeup palette in 2017 as well.

So while we all were busy awww’ing the canoodling between Drake and Rihanna at the VMAs of 2016, another old time favorite singer got busy kicking up a storm just with her decision to bail on her makeup.

Alicia Keys, sparkled bright and strong without an ounce of makeup across her public appearances this summer, even as she sat encouraging singers on The Voice, a popular reality music show, this season. The trend drew an amazing response from her followers and fans, applauding her attempts to de-throw a deeply entrenched practice of covering “flaws” for society, with a variety of beauty products.

We about to bring the house DOWN at #TIDALX1015 tonight!!

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World media went entirely mental, in drawing unnecessary conclusions on a celebrity’s personal preferences and social networks had users throwing jibes full of hate and sarcasm, on whether the look was “really” completely makeup free. Relax people, she hasn’t ditched skin care, barely threw out stuff that is put over her face. And we don’t really thing that really means the same thing as becoming makeup hater – she made it amply clear with her tweets.

The #Nomakeup is encouraging people all over to merely inquire, probe a bit further into the age old practice of highlighting outward appearances based on a broader, generalized perception of beauty. Not just Keys, but others including Kim Kardashian and Allessia Cara tried the little-like-no-makeup and it doesn’t seem to be a cry against those gorgeous made up looks, that we love watching otherwise on our celebs.

With Cameron Diaz and Heidi Klum uploading no makeup selfies on Instagram, a powerful bond seems to have established between fans and these gorgeous celebrities, peeling out the pretentious societal standards of beauty.

The NoMakeup look “keeps it real” and drops all judgement looks. Whether you want to get up to powder your nose and touch up on the gloss, or plough through another dessert at dinner, without a damn about your lip color.

Emma Watson’s Beauty & The Beast is Redefining Feminism Like No Other

The Internet is ‘ooh’ing and ‘aww’ing over Emma Watson’s gorgeous portrayal of enchanting Belle, from our childhood, dressed in the beautiful classic yellow gown. But what’s even better is that the story is rumored to be resplendent with some innovative changes. 

David Hoberman’s adaptation of the popular Disney story, Beauty and the Beast, has concluded shooting and is gearing up for a 2017 release. Earlier this week, the Entertainment Weekly released some jaw-dropping imagery of the upcoming movie, it’s characters, and settings, leaving Disney lovers in a pursuit for more. 

There is an equal amount of excitement on a few quirky, nonetheless progressive changes from the original character sketches that the actors and the production team have co-opted for. For instance, Belle has been portrayed as an inventor, even though it was her father who was the inventor in the original story (Belle’s father has been given the role of music box maker). In the movie, Belle supposedly invents a washing machine to do the dishes, so that she can pursue her love for books, in an uninterrupted manner. After all, no less can be expected when Belle is being played by Watson, who has worked actively in the field of gender equality and women’s rights.

Another interesting detail is the over pronounced “beastly” look of the Belle’s beast, as seen in the latest photo releases. Unlike the Disney interpretation, where audiences were treated to an almost handsome Beast, Hoberman’s team seems to be staying closer the traditional definition.

The movie teaser, is decorated with fairy tale visions of the old castle, dazzling interiors, polished flooring, ornate chandeliers, and exquisite curtains. But what truly leaves viewers wanting for more, is the picturesque rose scene, introducing Emma Watson, as the new Belle.

It is definitely going to be an eager, exciting wait as the movie goes into theaters in March, 2017.


Lip Lock with Red: Know Your Basic Red Lip Color Tones

A friend of mine once confessed that she found it easier to review corporate merger documentation than pick out the best lip colors for herself. Not surprised? ‘Course, this just may be a very common point of view among all of us girls.

So why exactly does a successful, intelligent, stylish corporate law biggie (such as her), face so much trouble in this particular decision making process?

Simply because, unlike our moms, we give far more attention about finding the “perfect” shade of anything we own – does not matter if it is a lipstick or a life partner. While we accept that the latter may be a more complicated process, we have tried to make the lip color selection a tad simpler, by explaining the basics – the broad red color shades you should consider and how to match those with one’s skin.

Before we give our picks, we want to ensure everyone is on the same page on the best way to select suitable colors. A quick recollection of our lessons on identifying the skin undertone will be helpful here (check the color of your veins in sunlight, and categorize yourself into cool, warm or neutral). Look out for the pinks, rose, blue undertone if you are a cool, the yellows, golden if you are warm, and in case of neutral, look for a mix. As you get ready for your lipstick hunt, here are 3 basic red color variations to consider to give you a head start!

Classic Red

The forever fashionable classic red carpet look always works wonders for Indian skin tones.

Perhaps the most famous in this category would be the Ruby Woo stick by MAC, economically priced and ability to create “just a stain on the lips” look . As this is a blue toned red, it looks amazing on those Indian skin tone with blue undertones. The Russian Red from the same range is more neutral.

For warm, and neutral tones, you could try the Tom Ford Cherry Lush (although with a slightly blue tone, it still works very well for the warm and neutral undertones) or explore Kate Moss’s line – Rimmel, which contains 15 shades, each unique to one of the 3 undertones.

Ox Blood Red

A dark, rich feel that can sex up any outfit, and has a variety of shades that go with the 3 tones. 

For a bolder shade of the color try MAC Rebel Lipstick, and for a subtle shade, try the Revlon ColorBurst Lip Butter Red Velvet (works like magic with defined high tones in the eye).

Vermillion Red

This is great combination of red and dab of orange, with supreme capacities to brighten up an otherwise subdued look (limit the eye color with this and instead just go for a chic pen liner).

Try these for best results, the Christian Dior Trafalgar shade for a super smooth moisturizing select and best part – works with all 3 undertones (yay!), NARS Heat Wave (semi matte lipstick) and the Maybelline Color Sensational.

So spend some time exploring and investing in the perfect red for your skin. It is more likely to spruce up the overall look, better than the any brand new just-off-the runway dress.

Hair Extensions: How a head of gorgeous voluminous locks can be everyone’s secret weapon

It is probably safe to assume that typical modern day conversations about hair follow the described lifecycle. An ardent pride in maintaining longer lengths of hair that ultimately translates to a new found commitment to trade all that length for a more bolder look, post two rounds (maybe three for the fearless) of potent vodka shots.

There are a few of us however, who fiercely fantasize going the other way round. Those bored with limp, boring hair, who would kill to achieve (even for a night) an overdrive of never ending, long curls (or thick straight hair) typical to those glossy shampoo ads. While it generally remains a fantasy for the most part, the process of lengthening those existing manes is not exactly a distant dream anymore, with the widespread availability of Hair Extensions.

While the product has achieved increasing popularity as well as acceptance in the West, closer home, we still imagine the term to be synonymous with either fake looking wigs, or synthetic pieces of hair jutting out the head in a highly non-flattering manner. The good news is that hair extensions are precisely developed to kill such imagery, and aim to create only the most natural looking longer lengths as most suited to the overall face.

In case hair extensions are something that you potentially want to try, here a few key things to keep in mind to get you started –

  1. Be clear on the purpose of getting hair extensions – Is it because you want the extra length or are itching to gain volume. Being clear on the final aim is important to ensure you pick out the right product.
  2. Be careful in selecting the type of hair extension – These are available both in synthetic material as well as natural human hair pieces. Pick out the one most suited to your pocket, and compliments the original hair color and texture. We strongly suggest the natural look for best results.
  3. Decide on the manner of fixing the hair extensions – This would typically depend on the duration you want to keep your length. For instance, for a single night of dressing up, you could go in for clip-ins which are super easy to use and do not damage the hair at all. For longer durations, try methods like weaving (braiding the hair near the scalp and then sewing the hair extensions on it), linking (tying extensions into little rings which are then attached to the hair). Using adhesives and solvents to fix the hair used to be popular, but preferences for these processes are on the decline because of the damage caused to the roots. The more contemporary processes include Thermo Plastique and Goddess LOC (which gives the hair a silicon grip as an aalternative to glue)
  4. Be committed to the care involved – Some hair extensions can be washed and styled, others cannot. Make sure your research is thorough on the care required for your hair extensions, and sufficient efforts are put to follow required processes.
  5. Consult a Salon / Stylist – While you arm yourself with as much research as possible (we hoped we have helped you to a start!) it is important to consult a stylist to discuss the best possible fits for your original texture. Salons are a great place to even get recommendations on the best brands with international repute. Some of our favorite picks include Remy Hair, Donna Bella, Elite Beauty Studio, International Hair and Balmain.

Find Your Foundation: But Do Not Match It To The Color of Your Skin

The Indian girl’s saga of the perfect foundation hunt is a tale truer than we would actually like. I spent perhaps all my growing years, just hunting for that one foundation bottle that would transform my skin tone into a godlike glow. Many times, I thought I had discovered the perfect brand, or product only to realize a few days later that it was just too good to be true. The thing that I realized was that I was going about this whole foundation thing the completely wrong way. And after years of gathering strips of knowledge, hit and trial, I was finally able to pin down the problem.

Foundation should not be matched to your skin tone.

It should actually be matched to something known as your skin undertone – which is almost like the color beneath your skin, the shadow. What is important to know is that the undertone never changes, unlike the color of your skin (say for instance when you acquire a tan). If you recollect all your discussions with the girls at your department stores, they would have probably insisted for you to pick a color which is a shade lighter than your skin tone. What they probably couldn’t (or didn’t bother) to explain to you is that the correct match between foundation color and your undertone is what brings out the best in your skin.

There are essentially 3 variants of skin undertones – warm, cool and neutral. We have some very easy hacks to identify which one would be yours. One super easy way to actually check the undertone, is by observing your veins, visible on the inside part of your wrist.

Warm Undertone – Hold you wrists against some sunlight and observe the color of your veins. If you can observe a greenish color to them, you probably have a warm undertone. Foundations with a yellow, bronze base will work the best for you (the shade classifications for these will typically be like bronze, honey, beige, golden, etc)

Cool Undertone –  If you are able to see a bluish tint on the veins, it means you have a cool undertone. So try identifying a foundation with a blue base – typically labeled with a C (shade classifications typically include fawn, tan and looks a bit pinkish when bottled)

Neutral Undertone – If you are unable to decide between green or blue, then you are probably a neutral undertone and also can experiment a bit more with tone combinations.

If you are in need for some suggestions, try a few of these products to start your evaluation with, that work particularly well for the Indian conditions, and aim at skin tone correction, instead of creating a new one.

Studio Fix by MAC – What is great about this powder alternate to a liquid base is that it is extremely light on the, is the even finish.

Bobbi Brown – If you are looking to pick up a foundation stick that is terribly easy to use, and offer medium to full coverage then this is your pick.

Forever Diorskin by Dior – If you must chose a liquid base, then this is your pick. It is light, and works magic in case you break a sweat (adds a whole new sparkle that you are not even aware of!).

Teint Miracle Foundation by Lancome – This one gives the perfect blend, and creates a natural glow base.

Intense White Skin Foundation by Lakme – some great shades offered by product and it is readily available and easy on the pocket as well!

KENZO world perfume and it’s inner eye connection with Hinduism

How a perfume video got it’s freak on while laughing at an entire industry. 

Undertaking the mundane yet necessary Facebook scroll morning, I came across a perfume video advertisement on my feed, shared by a very talented marketer friend. At the risk of sounding cliche, what I saw ahead blew my mind beyond any perfume ad perception I ever had. A work of drama, chic, crazy and wild – the new KENZO WORLD perfume cuts across boring perceptions of beauty and fragrance, before the end of the 1st minute of the video.

Where flower overdose scenes combined with bedroom prowess are typically used to sell smell, the director of this new video, Spike Jonze starts with similar settings but launches into a riotous choreography, set to the percussions of “Ape Drums” by Mutant Brain feat. Sam Spiegal Assassin. Along with Qualley, the viewers open their “inner eye” to peel out out their wild, wicked and fierce within a tie strung world, as free spirit takes on new meaning altogether.

As global audiences watch in amazement, the point of the ad is driven much faster closer home. Simply because of our historical familiarity with the esoteric concept of the third eye, most often discussed in association with the Hindu God, Lord Shiva. The inner eye opens pathways to realms beyond the known and provides thought beyond ordinary sight. And as the dancer unleashes the madness within her, fragrant enchantments suddenly go much beyond ordinary romanticism, and  establish a powerful bond with us.

One of last year’s most engaging video advertisements, KENZO has managed to talk about the world of beauty in a fresh manner, sans the saxophone, but with electric base, and some serious dance moves. Waiting for 

Dreadlocks and the Rastafarian Movement

The hair trend that narrates history along with leading a world fashion movement

Instagram recently went crazy over Rihanna’s new hair – Gorgeous black, thick dreadlocks going all the way down to her thighs. Add to this, some seriously colorful display of dreadlocks at the recent Marc Jacobs spring 2017 fashion show, have brought this historic hair trend back on the center stage of autumn fashion this year.


While popular culture crowns Bob Marley is the king of the dreadlocks, the hair style origins can be traced back to way earlier, specifically among the holy men (hermits) of India.

Those famous for denouncing worldly possessions, donning only simple saffron colored cotton robes, with great mound of dreadlocks wound neatly over their heads.

Even more surprising is the presence of this hair trend in some of the ancient European civilizations, for instance the Greek (Minoan) Civilization almost 3600 years ago.

Africa and Caribbean Islands

In Africa, a variety of dreadlocks styles characterized certain ethnic groups of Kenya and Tanzania (such as the Maasai tribe, sporting colorful dreadlocks).

The dreadlocks became prominent features of some the earliest inhabitants within the Caribbean Islands in lieu of the slave trade (slaves from Africa and India were taken to create workforce of the the European colonies in these parts of the world).

Further, dreadlocks popularly characterized the entire Rastafarian movement, which has its roots in the Caribbean country of Jamaica.

Dreadlocks and Rastafari

The Rastafarian movement, with roots in Jamaica, aggregated the Abrahamic belief that the original birthplace of human kind is Zion (now, Ethiopia) and gained momentum post the coronation of Haile Selassie, believed to be the son of God (Jesus).

The movement rejected significance of world materialism, oppression, and sensual pleasures, collectively labelled as Babylon, and also drew inspiration from the Nazarites described in the Bible.

Refrain from cutting one’s hair and letting the locks flow was an important principle of the Nazarites, and therefore, the belief saw the emergence of dreadlocks as a significant character trend of its’ people.

Popular Culture and Trends

The Dreadlocks became notable as part of the main stream fashion movement with the rise of reggae music, popularized by celebrated musician Bob Marley, and became associated with subjects of free spirit and a symbol for spiritual independence.

Since then, celebrities across fields of music, cinema, fashion and sports are periodically noted to sport a variety of dreadlocks styles, ensuring that this hair trend remains on centerstage with every passing decade.

And it seems that Rihanna is excited to be the latest addition to the bandwagon.